Everything for you, my dear

Hiking Halle-Hunneberg - hiking in Sweden 

Joyride in Borgvik - biking in Sweden

The return of the Vikings - biking in Belgium

Out of: Marseille - hiking in France

Far, far away - biking in France

Queuing for the Calanques - hiking in France

Biking the beautiful Samme - biking in Belgium

Sandy Sunday! - biking in Belgium and the Netherlands

Out of: Amsterdam - kayaking in the Netherlands

First night at a Bivakzone - tenting in the Netherlands and kayaking in Belgium

Bittermarka highlight: The Hilly Route - cross-country skiing in Norway

Horst Castle to Blauwmolen - hiking in Belgium

There's always a castle - and a mill - hiking in Belgium

Caherconree fort - a fabled tale - hiking in Ireland

Atlantic beach hopping - caving and hiking in Ireland

Conor Pass to Croaghskearda Ridge - hiking in Ireland

Out of: Dublin - hiking in Ireland

Like Love - hiking in Belgium

Against the wind - biking in Belgium and the Netherlands

Out of: Bonn - hiking in Germany

Far stretched - hiking in Belgium

Bon voyage number 1 - kayaking in Belgium

November rain - in January - biking in Belgium

Living on a battlefield - hiking in Belgium

Vivre la Wallonie! - hiking in Belgium

2019 = HAVE MORE FUN! - sleighing in Norway

Flying solo! - skiing in Norway

God jul / Merry Christmas - skiing in Norway

Oh kayak... KAYAK?! - kayaking in Belgium

Superwoman - Gunhild Berntsen - story about a triathlete from Norway

Eating out – in the dark at Gaupestein - hiking in Norway

If there's no time - take it!  - biking in Belgium

Bubble baths, black skies and breath-taking views  - hiking in England

Sneaking up on the golden dunes d’Ecault  - hiking and tenting in France

A foggy hike around the Villers Abbey  - hiking in Belgium

Less road More trip - canooing in Slovakia

In peace and chaos - swimming and biking in Slovenia

A woman with a view - hiking in Sweden

Questions? Wanting to share? Duke of Edinburgh or plain Jane? Feel free to contact me.


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